I have worked with groups and individuals for 25 years. I love sharing what has helped me to navigate my own experiences of relationships, grief, illness, violence, trauma, burnout, stigma, divorce and co-parenting. I like supporting you to find your own wisdom and truth.

I am deeply inspired by Nonviolent Communication and mindfulness. Nonviolent Communication helps me create loving relationships with my children and other people around me, without losing myself. It is a concrete, practical tool I use every day. Mindfulness helps me find my inner peace and grounding. And it helps me to connect to my unpleasant feelings. I have been a meditator since 20 years.

As a girl I understood that certain emotions I felt were not welcome. When I was happy and enthusiastic, I was appreciated and loved. When I was sad or angry, I was told that this was not okay. This is how I started to hide and deny my unpleasant feelings.

Nonviolent Communication taught me how I can befriend my inner life, allowing all my feelings, acknowledging my pain and thoughts. I learned to trust that there are beautiful longings and human needs underneath each feeling and thought. Thus, I am more in touch with my feelings and needs (self-connection) and less likely to lose myself while connecting with my children, friends, colleagues and others. I also learnt how to practice self-acceptance and self-compassion when I judge, blame or doubt myself. And when I feel guilty or ashamed. This for me still is a process of ‘trial and error’, which I like to call my ‘lifelong learning’.

I have been trained to be a trainer and coach, for example at ‘Connecting2life’ and ‘BTA’. I have a large experience in working with people going through emotional pain, trauma, shame, guilt, anger and fear. I am at ease with intense emotions and mourning processes, for example after loss and change. Every single time again I feel touched when I can support somebody to be more aware of the choices they have, no matter how painful the situation is. This awareness of choices can provide a sense of freedom and space. My heart melts when somebody I connect with feels empowered to take steps to make their dreams happen.

I believe in a ‘no-mistake culture’. I believe that you and I can’t do anything wrong. To me there are no mistakes, only try-outs and lessons to learn. The only mistake I can make is not trying 🙂

I love diversity. I have lived and worked in Spain, Africa and Central America and I enjoy connecting with people from different culturesI have also worked a lot with people from different sexual identities like gay, hetero, bi, trans. I have a large experience in supporting people who live with stigma, with a secret and want to come out.

I am somewhat a language-freak and I am fluent in Dutch, English, Spanish, French and (a bit less) in Catalan and German. I can offer sessions and trainings in these languages. Dancing, yoga and hiking in nature help me relax and stay connected to my body.