After the family mediation session we did with Mirjam, we have come closer to each other and we have grown together with my husband and grown-up children. The session brought lightness, warmth and understanding in our connection, it’s like a new start for us. In the Advanced course, I experienced Mirjam as a clear, compassionate and authentic trainer who gave the group her warm, loving, respectful guidance. In this course I really learned a lot, especially on how to move through conflicts, how to talk and reconnect, how to mourn and heal pain with my loved ones. –  Alice Schutte, family mediation session and participant Advanced Course


“Mirjam has helped me enormously to accept my feelings and thoughts more. Her warm and unconditional attention gave me a lot of safety to explore myself. I feel seen.”  – Fabian, coaching client


“I love Mirjam, deeply. The depth of her pains and experiences is giving me rivers of trust in her ‘knowing pains’ and the compassion and ‘love to human beings’ that is manifested from her out of and with those experiences. When assisting me, I recall so often Mirjam doing her ‘happy dance’ (specific movement she does when she is happy), as an expression of love to human kind.  I highly recommend (and deeply celebrate) Mirjam for being an NVC based trainer.”   Yoram Mosenzon, NVC trainer


“I participated in the NVC basic course given by Mirjam. It really was an eye-opener for me!  Mirjam is a very careful trainer, she created safety for every singel one of us so we could open up to each other, also with the painfull parts in ourself. That’s where the healing begins. I was inspired to look at myself and others in a new, a more efficient way and relationships improved.  I could connect very well with the way Mirjam explains NVC. Her humor and sharings about her own flaws and experiences supported my process of learning with some lightness and fun. I can recommend going to a training with Mirjam to everybody, it will enrich your life.” – Kerstin Smialy, participant Basic course


“I feel welcome with Mirjam with all that I am. I dare to express all that’s alive in me, even when it is not at all ‘socially acceptable’. No judgements, only complete acceptance and space for whatever I feel. I therefore can freely discover my inner world. That is how I experience Mirjam again and again. With her, I feel safe.” – Nancy, coaching client


“When I first attended her workshop, I was filled with guilt, shame and nerves. I didn’t know how to process the flooding of emotions and Mirjam could sense that and she gave me the extra time and attention it took to feel comfortable. It’s hard to open up to others about feelings that you don’t understand, but Mirjam created an environment that was safe for participants to talk openly. In the process I learned that we as human beings share the same feelings of confusion and anxiety. And the more we talk about it, the stronger we become. Today I feel much more confident in myself and I am working towards being my most authentic self. And whenever I face a scary situation, I think back on how scary that day of the workshop was and how I made it through. I have Mirjam to thank for making it possible. She is truly inspirational to me.”Pedro, participant workshop ‘From shame and guilt towards self-acceptance’ 


“Her passion, love, warmth, professionalism, knowledge and, most of all, her way of transferring this knowledge to us have inspired me positively and gave me the trust to start working as a counselor ” – Jorgos, participant counselor training 


“From my first moments of meeting Mirjam, I had a sense of warmth and trust. This has only grown over the past years, particularly as we collaborate as trainers of NVC-based courses. In my experience of her, Mirjam inspires me by modeling NVC throughout her various roles (as mother, partner, friend, colleague) by connecting to and speaking from her authenticity as well as listening with great compassion.” – Cara Crisler, NVC-based coach & trainer