Grief workshops and circles

“I am surprised by how helpful it was for me to attend this training, which provided a gentle and safe learning environment for me to connect with my inner wisdom. I got clarity on what I need to grieve as well as how to do that.

“I am very grateful. This training clarified for me what mourning is about. The learning materials, especially those with images, really enhanced my knowledge. Mirjam is very talented in listening in an empathic and supportive way that gave much space and helped me feel understood.”

My upcoming grief events:

  • Grief Circles: 2 hours each (ask me more via email)
  • Online Grief Circles: grieving together in a small, safe group – session of 2 hours. (ask me more via email)
  • Self-Love Circle for Women. (ask me more via email)
  • Circle for Grief about the World. (ask me more via email)
  • Space for Grief Days

Grief sessions

I also offer grief sessions to families, couples, friends groups and individuals. Making space for mourning kan bring relaxation and make the way free for meaning and vitality.

Rituals for your grief

A ritual is a symbolic act that makes something tangible, visible and conscious. rituals can help us to be present with what has happened in our life.  They increase our shared understanding and give meaning.

I can offer support and inspiration for finding a personal ritual that fits you and your loss. It can help you take a threshold of loss and find back your calm, flow and truth on your path in life.